Habitually Fit



Hey guys! In preparation for the launch of my book, The Mind Diet, I’ve attached a preview for those curious, and those who would like a little sample of the book before they buy it.

Ch 7: Habitually Fit

I’d love to get your feedback on it. You can write a comment in the comments section below. Based on reading this Chapter, what you believe The Mind Diet is?

Thanks again for your enthusiasm. I really appreciate the great response to The Mind Diet so far. =)

P.S. To clear up any confusion, The Mind Diet will be available in paperback by Jan 31st, 2017. For those who have purchased a copy already in a kindle/digital format, THANK YOU! If you would like to get a digital copy, you can do it here: The Mind Diet

You also DO NOT need a Kindle to download in The Mind Diet in digital format. You are able to choose whatever format you like reading your books on – iPad or Android Tablets etc. Hope that clears up any confusion about it.


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