Why Is It So Hard to gain weight even if I eat bad?

Why is it so hard to gain weight even if I eat bad?

Answered by Edwina Cheer on Quora:

Define “eating bad”. From working with females for years on their nutrition, generally speaking a female doesn’t eat enough. They might eat a few nutritionally deficient things per day, but their overall calorie count is still below the amount needed to maintain your weight for your stats.

The first step for you would be to go to a physician for an overall checkup and a blood test, to determine whether everything is OK with your hormones. When out of balance, hormones can account for a lot of crazy unexplained things: one of them unexplained weight loss.

If everything is OK there, then I would hire a nutritionist. Find someone who knows how to assess your body using SCIENCE, stats and measurements and can use those findings to prepare the best nutrition plan for you. Good luck!

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