Healthy Protein Nut Loaf

By Edwina Cheer, Celebrity Sports Nutritionist

Being cute never tasted so good with this Healthy Protein Nut Loaf Creation!

Well you can go ahead, put on a cuppa and call me Martha after the success of this little Protein Nut Loaf Number. I’m convinced I’ve taken my baking skills to the next level with this easy to make Protein Nut Loaf and I’m proud of it, I tell ya! And why? Well, for the simple reason (and I know that anyone who makes an effort to follow a nutritious meal plan can completely empathize) that when you first start out trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you may go through a period when you’ll start to think that being cute doesn’t taste all that good. I know, I know. I’ve been there and it’s a very sad period of time! But all is not lost, friends. Over time, I’ve amassed a great collection of delicious treats that also work in line with living that fit life!

So for those of you who want abs of steel but you don’t want to compromise on taste for it, get excited… because I’ll be releasing 10 of my favorite healthy, easy to make snacks to help you along your fitness journey.
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Edwina Cheer is a Celebrity Sports Nutritionist and the author of The Mind and Body Diet Book.

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