Mind and Body Battles

The Mind and The Body.

Can One Exist Without The Other?

One of the age old questions of humanity is the concept of #dualism. Termed dualism by the philosopher Descartes, his research concludes that the mind and body are separate entities, and it is very possible that one of these entities can exist without the other.

So – in modern day spiritual lingo, the old dude Descartes believes that you are essentially a soul or a form of consciousness that has inhabited a physical body. For simplicity purposes, we will refer to this as the mind.

When you die, your soul will change its form or definition as we know it and it will leave your physical self for…. well, one can only speculate. The point is, they aren’t the same.

Given Descartes theory and after much pondering (read procrastination) on my own, I decided on the following things:

I agree with the Descartes concept of Dualism. But even though I do think they are separate entities, that still does not mean that a person’s mind has no bearing on their body and vice versa – quite the opposite actually. During a person’s lifetime, I believe the mind and body come together and coexist to form this experience we are all having at this very moment: human life.

In the topics of health and wellness, I would argue that the mind plays a pivotal role in the effect and current physical manifestation of the body of an individual. In fact, it is one of my fundamental beliefs that your physical self is a byproduct of what is going on inside your mind. It includes every thought, value, idea and decision on every perceived experience that you have ever had. It takes all of this and it spits out a physical manifestation in the human dimension – what we essentially see as our bodies whenever we look in the mirror.

Do you agree with me? Because if you do, it’s a very exciting time. Because you can now decide to steer your mind in whichevermindbody direction you deem fit – in order to garner a different result for yourself in the physical dimension.

If it’s not your cup of tea to sit and ponder the existence of life but you’d still like to take something from this article so the last two minutes weren’t a complete waste of time – I’ll leave you with this:

I believe thoughts become things.

What thoughts can you choose today to create things?

Edwina Cheer is a Celebrity Sports Nutritionist & The Author of The Mind & Body Diet Book.

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