To Juice Or Not To Juice, That Is The Question…


The benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables for our body cannot be overemphasized! It’s difficult to argue against the benefits of eating vegetables – however drinking your vegetables is another case entirely.

What Makes Juicing a Great Thing

  • Yоu саn drink a lot more vegetables than you can eat! Therefore, juicing allows your body to be able to effortlessly digest the vitamins and cell antioxidants from this fresh produce.
  • Juicing has been reported to heal annoying problems and aches, such as skin disease and hypertension.
  • Juicing removes the insoluble fiber from fruits and green vegetables. While fiber is a known essential part of a generally healthy diet, removing the insoluble fiber allows for considerable absorption and assimilation of specific health enhancing phytonutrients and enzymes, while the dissolvable fiber retains inside the juice.

Stay tuned for how to make some of my favorite juices!

Edwina Cheer is a Celebrity Sports Nutritionist and The author of The Mind and Body Diet Book. 

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