“Something Needs To Change and It’s Probably Me.”

One of the first positive steps you can take towards fitness recovery & getting your groove back is to take complete ownership of your current health situation.

It’s so easy to blame your environment, your working conditions, your family, your spouse, your doctor, your coach, or your lack of time on exactly why things are they way they are. (*Cue the tiniest violin in the universe. Hear it?)

But what I continue to see in successful and motivated individuals is that they have taken complete responsibility of where they are.  We all have free will. That’s what makes life such an adventure – because we have the power to choose. At the end of the day, our own choices and ours alone have gotten us to where we are. But don’t despair – if you’re in a less than ideal state of fitness & you don’t want to be there anymore; it’s time for you to engage your free will. Decide & commit to change your health. Then follow this commitment by executing an action to move you towards it.

All of your favorite athletes, top entrepreneurs & outliers in any field have gone through this step. Every human started somewhere, most of them with humble beginnings. Maybe they were exactly where you’re at right now. They engaged their free will and made the changes necessary to make their goals a reality.

In this post I wanted to share an affirmation that I’ve learned in therapy that will help to remind you of your free will and of your power to choose and create your life. It’s a simple  one – but very helpful & one that continues to help me in every area – not just fitness:

“Something needs to change & it’s probably me”.

For the last couple of months, I have said this to myself as soon as I’ve woken up in the morning. Every night I read this before I go to bed. It’s such an empowering statement in fitness recovery and also in helping you make progress in all aspects of your life – albeit relationships, career progression or spiritual growth.

At the end of the day, you can continue to choose to blame external circumstances on your health & your situation. Playing the victim is always cool for a little bit because sometimes you hear the tiny violin playing and it’s lovely because he’s always dropping some soul tickling melodies. But even he gets tired of playing plus he’s in the Union and has allocated breaks & healthcare & needs to clock in and out within 5 minutes of his scheduled time …


This is your health & your life. “Something Needs to Change & It’s Probably Me”. Doing what you’ve been doing has not gotten you the results you may have wanted. But so what? All that matters is what you do from this moment on. As long as you have air in your lungs, you have the power to change your habits & behaviors so they work more in line with your ultimate goals & dreams.

Engage Your Free Will.

Your Choice.

Edwina Cheer is a Celebrity Sports Nutritionist and the Author of The Mind and Body Diet Book.

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